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El-Com Systems Solutions is a worldwide leader in electronic contract manufacturing services and solutions. For over 50 years, we have served Fortune 500 companies, US domestic manufacturers, global companies, and startups around the world. We specialize in build-to-print and built-to-specification electromechanical products and assemblies, and support our customers from the design stages, through proof of concept, and into full-scale production and product implementation.

We are a true “one stop shop” for customers looking to outsource build-to-print or built-to-specification production to a single manufacturer with comprehensive electronic contract manufacturing production and both local and international supply chain capabilities. El-Com Systems Solutions is a diverse company with multi-faceted production and manufacturing technologies. We have manufacturing capabilities for all critical product realization requirements of the electronic contract manufacturing industry, including:

  • Mechanical
  • Full box-build and systems integration, including product testing and packaging

El-Com Systems Solutions is a US-owned and operated business, with a full-scale electronic contract manufacturing facility in Garden Grove, California, and complementary offshore manufacturing capabilities in China, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica. We support customers that can directly benefit from outsourcing production to a single company with comprehensive capabilities including build-to-print and built-to-specification electromechanical products and assemblies, who can manufacture both domestically and offshore, and can take full responsibility to oversee production, on time and within budget. El-Com Systems offers:

  • Experience in designing, manufacturing, and integrating products for many demanding environments and applications, from commercial to industrial to aerospace and defense
  • The ability to provide design mockup and implementation of design to electronic contract manufacturing in a short timeframe and at competitive prices
  • A thorough understanding of functional test and integration processes
  • Program managers who leverage engineering best practices with practical tools to administer our programs on schedule and on budget
  • Diverse vertical manufacturing capabilities which enable us to support integration for higher level assembly
  • Integrated supply chains providing robust synergistic resources for machined components, electronic assemblies, and system integration and testing
  • Comprehensive engineering resources that allow us to provide effective design and build-to-print manufacturing solutions
  • Experience in overseeing and managing sophisticated programs
  • Strong customer support centered on flexibility, quality, and proactive open communication

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