How to Properly Torque a Backshell

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Aidan Vrobel

In this video, we are going to be showing you how to properly torque a backshell. Before we begin, we must ensure that we have all the proper tools: a torque, a belt wrench, a bench vice, proper connectors, a backshell guide, and of course, a backshell. Additionally, we must verify the calibration date and ensure that all of the tools are functioning properly and have no damage.

Workspace Preview

A properly organized workspace

The first thing we want to do is prepare our backshell and the workspace surrounding it: start by hand tightening the backshell and setting the keyway according to the part number’s manual. Next, we’ll prepare our torque and set it to the strength specified for the part number. Lastly, we’ll set up our bench vice by attaching the quick-change jaw set to the connector vise and ensuring they are both the proper size.

attaching jaw to bench vice

Attach the quick-change jaw to the connector vise

Now that our workspace is set up we are ready to insert our socket into the bench vice and tighten it. It is important to ensure that we adjust the safety screw in the back of the bench vise.

Socket secured in vice

Firmly secure the backshell into the vise

Once the backshell is securely attached, we must place the belt wrench around the backshell and connect it to the torque. With the support of our non-dominant hand, we rotate the backshell clockwise until the tool clicks. This indicates that the backshell has been sufficiently torqued.

belt wrench attatched to socket

Attach the belt wrench to the backshell and torque it

Once completed, we must verify that the keyway is properly aligned. We then repeat this same process for the straight backshell.

verify keyway is properly aligned
repeat the process for straight backshell

Verify that the keyway is properly aligned and repeat the whole process for the straight backshell

If you still have any questions, do not hesitate to leave them in the comment section. And for the best selection of high-quality backshells and adapters, check out our catalog.