Box-Build Integration


We solve our customers’ most challenging electronic interconnections by utilizing a quality-oriented, continuously improving and cost-effective process.

Box-Build/Systems Integration

El-Com Systems is truly a one-stop solution for customers looking to outsource their electronic box-build and systems integration. El-Com is a diverse company with multi-faceted production and manufacturing technologies. We have manufacturing capabilities for all critical product realization with a variety of complementary processes such as comprehensive electronic interconnect manufacturing, mechanical fabrication, machining, PCBA integrationand test and sub-system functional testing such as ESS & ATP.

Our sophisticated mechanical assembly department has a wide range of box-build and systems integration manufacturing experience across many different industries including Space, Military/Defense, Aerospace, Commercial Avionics And Medical. Our engineering and quality team works closely with our clients to develop detailed work instructions and will tailor the assembly process according to your specific project requirements, to ensure that we build a quality product every single time.

We can help with the entire process from product design, evaluating and procuring tooling, manufacturing, software insulation, product configuration, warehousing to order fulfillment.


For electronic interconnect manufacturing services and solutions for your application, or contact El-Com Systems for more information.

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