Cable Assemblies

We solve our customers’ most challenging electronic interconnections by utilizing a quality-oriented, continuously improving and cost-effective process.

Cable Assemblies

El-Com Systems has over 30 years of experience building complex, cable assemblies and interconnects. We fully support a variety of applications such as Space, Aerospace, Military/Defense, Medical and Commercial Avionics. We are a supplier to many of the industry leaders within these business segments.

El-Com benefits from some of the most creative cable assembly talent with combined 30+ years of experience. We have a passion for ensuring our customers never worry about a cable assembly performance or quality. We truly appreciate our customer requirements. This means , understanding that every customer has a unique set of manufacturing processes, materials processes, and requirements on design and schedule. We help our customers understand what is driving various design, manufacturing, or schedule challenges.

We assist our customers in transitioning their products from design to manufacturing by offering our expertise to application specific needs and issues. We provide continuous design solutions and proposals to improve manufacturability. This continuous improvement of our Customer’s products brings overall efficiency of all processes. We perform all these unique services while maintaining a cost competitive infrastructure. This allows us to be a responsive and flexible organization using lean initiatives and continuous improvement tools.


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