Interconnecting the world’s most critical systems for the advancement and security of mankind!

El-Com Elrob Development & Systems – Israel

El-Com Elrob Development & Systems Ltd was founded in 2021 from the passion and love for technology, innovation, and the need to deliver precision and excellence to our customers with system development, including functional automated test equipment (ATE) and technical design support in the areas of electrical interconnects/harnesses. Our company is a technology solution provider in high-integrity engineering and production. The company and her team is known for their professional competence and years of experience in international development projects.

The core competencies of El-Com Elrob Development & Systems cover the entire development and production spectrum of electronic systems, including systems engineering, hardware, and mechanical engineering, and software development. By working in a collaborative fashion with the customers, we produce holistic solutions for complex engineering and manufacturing challenges. High-quality implementation on time and budget has helped our company earn a good reputation as a reliable partner.

Specialization of our company includes intelligent control systems, MCU, and RF systems, automatic test equipment (ATE), electro-mechanical systems, renewable energy technologies, robotics & automation, home automation technologies, and other advanced technologies. We have developed and manufactured projects and products in the fields of defense, aviation, communications, and aerospace industries for or military and civil applications.

The unique combination of knowledge, skills, and experience of engineers and business professionals of our company allows us to find the best and effective solutions to problems and translate the ideas of our customers into a real product. Investing in people and processes allows the company to always be at the peak of technology. In addition, the multiplicity of production sites of the EL-COM group enables a variety of production, availability, and flexibility for our customers. We can support research, development, engineering and specialty manufacturing in California facility, and high-volume lower cost US manufacturing in Puerto Rico, with duplicate capability and risk mitigation strategy in US FMF projects with provide professional customer & product services including prototyping, FAI, change implementation, maintenance, warranty, and after-market support.

Much attention is paid to the maintenance of technical and business documentation, tracking of all the processes and stages of projects’ development, as well as the complying of our products’ quality to official standards (ISO, IPC, MIL, and others).

R&D and Engineering Services Include:

* New Product Development
* Electronics Engineering
* Mechanical Engineering
* Electrical interconnects/harnesses Engineering
* Design and development of electro-mechanic systems including hardware and software
* Design and development of Circuit & PCB Design include FPGA and/or Microcontrollers, Analog, Digital and power
* Software development in a variety of languages include FPGA and Microcontrollers
* Design and development of systems for high power and electrical panels
* Design and development of laboratory stations and automatic test systems (ATE)
* Development of test software and simulators.
* Design and development of RF systems including EMI / RFI
* In-House Prototype Development
* Product Validation and Testing
* Performing tests and approvals in authorized internal and external laboratories
* Product Development Consulting
* Mass Production Management


Interconnecting the world’s most critical systems for the advancement and security of mankind!