El-Com Systems Announces Collaboration Agreement with Turbo India Interconnect Solutions

Categories: NewsPublished On: March 5th, 2021Comments Off on El-Com Systems Announces Collaboration Agreement with Turbo India Interconnect Solutions5.7 min read
Aidan Vrobel

We are pleased to announce the Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed by the El-Com Systems Companies with Turbo India Interconnect Solutions, whereby El-Com has become the exclusive distributor of Turbo India’s products (backshells, adaptors and connector accessories) in the Israel market. Under this agreement, Turbo India will manufacture the products with specific details & requirements for the Israeli market. El-Com shall be the exclusive Israeli stocking distributor and technical design partner of the adaptors, backshells, and connector accessories with high-quality manufacturing and innovative engineering in Turbo India’s factory.

“This partnership enables El-Com to provide a comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective solution to our customers on a product-family that has experienced many supply shortages and quality issues over recent years. We are happy to broaden our support of key customers and programs, and we are excited for this partnership with Turbo India, who have proven themselves to be a highly reliable and professional partner to us,” says Arik Vrobel El-Com Systems’ President and CEO.

Additional information on the adaptors and backshells that we are marketing under this
agreements can be found at https://www.el-comsystems.com/manufacturing-services/adapters-backshells/