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Electronic Interconnect Solutions

El-Com Systems is a leader in electronic interconnect manufacturing and solutions. We specialize in custom wire harnesses and cable assemblies for high-reliability products and industries. For over 30 years, many of the companies that we serve are industry and technology leaders amongst numerous Fortune 500 companies.

El-Com has deep skills and experience in the following:

  • Build-to-print manufacturing of complex custom wire harnesses.
  • Build-to-specification development and production of interconnect assemblies.
  • Selection of materials and manufacturing processes.
  • Development of test and validation methodologies.

We support our customers with these services from the design stages, through proof of concept, and into full-scale production and product implementation.

El-Com has extensive expertise in design, engineering, programming, quality, manufacturing, and integrating interconnect products for demanding applications and environments. The harsh-environments where our products are used include Space/Aerospace, Military/Defense, Commercial Avionics, and high-reliability Medical & Industrial applications. We offer full-service USA production & engineering services out of our California headquarters including prototyping, NPI and production. Complemented by El-Com’s HUBZone, ITAR certified facility located in Puerto Rico and offshore manufacturing in Costa Rica. We are able to leverage multiple supply-chains and value-stream strategies with the options to provide a wide variety of cost-effective and comprehensive interconnect manufacturing solutions.

Markets Served



El-Com Systems has extensive experience in manufacturing electronic interconnects and proving solutions to the Space industry.


El-Com Systems has extensive experience in manufacturing electronic interconnects and proving solutions to the Aerospace industry.


El-Com Systems has extensive experience in manufacturing electronic interconnects and proving solutions to the Military/Defense industry.

Commercial Avionics

El-Com Systems has extensive experience in manufacturing electronic interconnects and proving solutions to the Commercial Avionics industry.


El-Com Systems has extensive experience in manufacturing electronic interconnects and proving solutions to the Medical industry.

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Complex Wire Harnesses

Cable Assemblies

Box-Build/Systems Integration



Recent Blog posts

PDES, Inc. Welcomes El-Com Systems to Model-based Standards for the Digital Enterprise Consortium

February 20th, 2021|

PDES, Inc. has welcomed El-Com Systems to its international model-based standards for the digital enterprise consortium as an Industry 6 Participant. El-Com Systems expertise in electronic interconnect and wire harness will enable them to bring electrical manufacturing expertise to ISO 10303 standard and facilitate interoperability with their manufacturing partners and suppliers. By taking part in the consortium, El-Com Systems will improve the exchange of electrical manufacturing and engineering data by utilizing the existing ISO 10303 Model-based 3D Engineering standard, facilitating interoperability with their customers, factories, and suppliers. El-Com Systems’ manufacturing expertise will increase the robustness of the standards as they provide real-world requirements to the standards developers. Arik Vrobel, President of El-com Systems, stated, “We are very excited to be involved with the PDES Inc. and the Electrical Wire Harness Interoperability Forum, and we look forward to providing technical support and manufacturing engineering expertise for further development and testing of the standards. We believe the standardization of Electrical Wire Harness data is an important step in reducing the cost and complexity of sub-contracting for the Aerospace & Defense industries.”. El-Com Systems is a leader of electronic interconnect manufacturing and solutions, specializing in complex cable assemblies and wire harnesses for high-reliability products and industries. El Com Systems has been serving industry and technology leaders among Fortune 500 companies for over 30 years. More information can be found at https://www.el-comsystems.com/ PDES, Inc. is a participation-based consortium focused on the development and implementation of model-based [...]

El-Com Systems Announces Collaboration Agreement with Turbo India Interconnect Solutions

March 5th, 2021|

We are pleased to announce the Strategic Cooperation Agreement signed by the El-Com Systems Companies with Turbo India Interconnect Solutions, whereby El-Com has become the exclusive distributor of Turbo India’s products (backshells, adaptors and connector accessories) in the Israel market. Under this agreement, Turbo India will manufacture the products with specific details & requirements for the Israeli market. El-Com shall be the exclusive Israeli stocking distributor and technical design partner of the adaptors, backshells, and connector accessories with high-quality manufacturing and innovative engineering in Turbo India’s factory. “This partnership enables El-Com to provide a comprehensive, responsive, and cost-effective solution to our customers on a product-family that has experienced many supply shortages and quality issues over recent years. We are happy to broaden our support of key customers and programs, and we are excited for this partnership with Turbo India, who have proven themselves to be a highly reliable and professional partner to us,” says Arik Vrobel El-Com Systems’ President and CEO. Additional information on the adaptors and backshells that we are marketing under this agreements can be found at https://www.el-comsystems.com/manufacturing-services/adapters-backshells/

Custom Wire Harness and Cable Assembly Solutions

El-Com is a privately held business with the financial stability, resources and track record to execute any interconnect project, regardless of its scope. We develop every solution to our customer’s needs, so they derive the greatest benefit with minimal risk. El-Com also has strong customer support centered on flexibility, quality, and proactive open communication.

El-Com has vast program management experience and the capabilities for multi-level, multi-year programs that encompass development, product realization, logistics, and warranty. Our process is fully transparent, and we work closely with our customers throughout all stages of the process, including design, procurement, engineering, program management, operation management, and quality control/assurance.


Interconnecting the world’s most critical systems for the advancement and security of mankind!