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Transportation & Energy

El-Com Systems has over 50 years’ experience as a contract manufacturer for the transportation and energy industries. Our products are used in various transportation industry applications, including automobiles, agricultural and marine equipment, trucks and heavy transportation, and more; energy industry applications include oil & gas and mining equipment, as well as wind turbines, solar panels, standard and high performance motors and generators, and more.

We provide complete turnkey manufacturing services, including cable assemblies and harnesses, metal machining, sheetmetal fabrication, PCB assembly, plastic injection molding, and EMI/RFI shielding solutions. We have the capabilities to manage your entire project, from initial design and prototyping through full production runs, testing, and shipping in our offshore manufacturing facilities. We provide Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assistance, as needed, to improve product performance and manufacturability. El-Com Systems is U.S. owned and operated, but we offer both local and offshore manufacturing to provide superior quality products at competitive prices and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our experience in sourcing materials and components on a worldwide basis, and our ability to provide our global customers with the products they need, wherever they’re located, gives us a unique advantage within the transportation and energy industries. All projects begin and end exclusively at our ISO 9001 and RoHS certified facility in Orange County, California.

El-Com Systems specializes in the production of sophisticated cable assemblies and wire harnesses that are subjected to harsh environmental conditions. Our energy and transportation cables are made to meet Delphi M9838, SAE J1128, and SAE J1185 standards, and our processes include PPAP, PFEMA, and control plan requirements. We provide products like transportation cables to demanding industries, from cars, trucks, watercraft, and industrial vehicles to pumps, portable rigs, solar PV farms, and other energy industry applications, and therefore field failure is not an option.

Our precision sheetmetal fabrication services are ideal for manufacturing custom and standard parts and components for transportation and energy industry applications. With top-of-the-line steel sheetmetal fabrication equipment and a highly skilled staff, we can produce even the most complex parts with perfect accuracy. We offer full-service fabrication of a range of materials, from aluminum to carbon and stainless steels to titanium, copper, and more, to meet the unique performance and aesthetic requirements of transportation and energy equipment. 

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