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Sheetmetal Fabrication

Sheetmetal Fabrication

El-Com Systems provides sheetmetal fabrication services to deliver custom and standard enclosures and assemblies for our customers. Utilizing high-tech equipment, we deliver precision sheetmetal fabrication from bending sheetmetal to forming sheetmetal that meets or exceeds customer expectations. Our domestic and offshore manufacturing resources enable us to provide first-class sheetmetal fabrication services at substantially lower prices than our competitors.

Sheetmetal Basics

Sheetmetal, as the name implies, is metal in the form of thin, flat sheets. With the right equipment and know-how, it can be easily formed, bent, and/or cut into the desired shape. A wide range of everyday items, from automobiles to appliances to medical devices, include fabricated sheetmetal parts and components.

A wide range of metals can be found in sheetmetal form, including titanium, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, carbon steel, copper, tin, nickel, and even silver, gold, and platinum. Material thickness is measured by gauge—the lower the number, the thicker the material. Most sheetmetal is between 8 and 30 gauge. Extremely thin sheetmetal is categorized as foil; thicker pieces are considered plate.

El-Com’s Sheetmetal Fabrication Services

Our advanced sheetmetal fabrication capabilities include forming sheetmetal, bending sheetmetal and tube, welding, CNC punching, rolling, waterjet and laser cutting, and much more. We provide start-to-finish precision sheetmetal fabrication services to give our customers complete, ready-to-install parts and assemblies. Whether you need prototype production or volume offshore manufacturing, El-Com Systems is your “one-stop shop” for sheetmetal fabrication.

Utilizing our extensive engineering and design expertise in sheetmetal fabrication, along with our CAD/CAM capabilities, we can turn any part design—from the simplest to the most complex—into a tangible, cost-effective product. El-Com Systems also offers design and engineering assistance to help you refine your designs for manufacturability, repeatability, and testing needs.

Every sheetmetal fabrication project we undertake, from brackets to skid plates to complete enclosures, is manufactured to match the tight tolerances and critical dimensions of our customers’ designs. Automated CNC equipment ensures perfect precision and repeatability, even for sheetmetal fabrication production runs with quantities in the tens of thousands.

Request a quote on precision sheetmetal fabrication for your project, or contact El-Com Systems to learn more.