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Offshore Manufacturing

manufacturing in China

In addition to our production facility in Garden Grove, California, El-Com Systems Solutions operates offshore manufacturing in China, Puerto Rico and Costa Rica focusing on build-to-print production of electromechanical assemblies and products, as well as electronic contract manufacturing.

Supplementing our domestic production with manufacturing in China and other overseas locations allows El-Com Systems to deliver superior quality build-to-print products at significantly lower prices than our competitors, in any quantity our customers require and in quick turnaround times to meet demanding schedules.

Our offshore operating headquarters are located in Guangzhou, China. This office provides engineering services, quality control and inspection, manufacturing in China, and logistics services. A staff of 25 experienced quality and logistics personnel oversee our manufacturing in China, Taiwan, Thailand, and other Asian locations.

Offshore Manufacturing Capabilities

Quality Control & Inspection

Based on product complexity, logistics requirements, and the needs of the customer, we can determine the offshore manufacturing location best-suited to the project. All our offshore manufacturing facilities are ISO 9001:2008 certified and RoHS compliant; some of our offshore facilities are also TS16949 certified. El-Com Systems conducts source inspections and verification for all shipments from our offshore manufacturing facilities. Secondary inspections per our quality control plan at our North American facility are routine.

Our inspection and quality control processes for products manufactured offshore include:

  • Source inspection/final inspection prior to shipment. We have a full inspection staff and infrastructure, and can inspect both at the factory of origin and at our Guangzhou logistics office.
  • Reinspection at our U.S. facility in accordance with a defined quality control plan tailored to customer, application, and product requirements
  • All types of inspection:
    • Mechanical inspection and verification
    • Electrical inspection and testing
    • Full functional testing
    • Environmental stress screening (ESS)
    • Qualification and compliance testing

Should there be any problems and/or changes related to products manufactured at our offshore factories, we are able to modify, repair, or rework the product quickly at our Garden Grove, California facility, rather than ship it back to the point of origin and wait for a replacement. This greatly reduces risks for our customers and important programs.

Request a quote on build-to-print production and electronic contract manufacturing in China or elsewhere for your application, or contact El-Com Systems for more information.