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Plastic Injection Molding

Injection molding tooling

Plastic injection molding is one of the most common, most efficient, and most economical methods of part manufacturing. It results in minimal material scrap and parts that require little to no additional finishing after molding. El-Com Systems’ plastic injection molding services are ideal for producing high volumes of parts with perfect precision and repeatability. No plastic injection molding tooling project is too large or too small, too simple or too complex.

We work with a range of plastic materials, including nylon, PEEK, polyester, and acrylic. Our domestic and offshore manufacturing capabilities enable us to produce the precise tooling for injection molding and the custom plastic parts you need quickly and efficiently, with higher levels of quality and at lower prices than our competitors.

Plastic Injection Molding Basics

After the part or component design has been finalized, the first step is the creation of injection molding tooling. The tooling for injection molding is made by specially-trained moldmakers (or toolmakers), and is usually manufactured from steel or aluminum and precision machined to match the design’s requirements.

Next, the thermoplastic or thermosetting plastic materials are mixed in heated reservoirs. After being heated to an easily pliable molten state, the material is injected into a mold cavity. The plastic quickly cools and hardens, retaining the shape of the mold.

This completely customizable and relatively fast manufacturing method makes it possible to create a huge variety of items. Plastic bottle caps, automotive body panels, and countless other products can be produced in high volumes with exceptional precision via plastic injection molding.

El-Com’s Plastic Injection Molding Services

El-Com moldmakers are experts in injection molding tooling, and can create custom tooling for injection molding parts that meet your design requirements. Our injection molding tooling and advanced injection molding equipment ensures that the parts and components you receive match your specifications exactly, from the first part to the thousandth and beyond.

We offer a range of plastic injection molding services, including insert molding, overmolding, 2D and 3D CAD modeling, ultrasonic welding, and hot stamping. We offer design and engineering assistance, primarily in injection molding tooling, in order to help you optimize your part designs for manufacturability, repeatability, and cost, as well as inspection and quality control processes to ensure top quality parts that meet the high standards of our customers and their respective industries.

When we design our tooling for injection molding, our expert engineers use simulation techniques such as Moldflow to ensure that the parts and materials will be molded correctly and that our injection molding tooling utilizes the optimal gating to ensure maximum efficiency of the injection molding process.

Request a quote on plastic injection molding for your parts and components, or contact El-Com Systems for more information.