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El-Com Systems provides world-class electronic contract manufacturing. With over 50 years of diverse electronic contract manufacturing experience, we offer complete turnkey services, from initial designs and prototyping through full production runs, testing, and logistics services. Our manufacturing capabilities give us the versatility to produce a wide range of electronics parts and components, from electrical cables, cable harnesses and PCB assemblies to CNC machining and sheetmetal fabrication to  EMI/RFI gaskets to machined and cast metal parts.

We are U.S. owned and operated, and every electronic contract manufacturing project begins and ends exclusively at our Orange County, California facility. With domestic and offshore manufacturing facilities, El-Com Systems is able to provide top quality products at competitive prices and with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. Our experience in sourcing materials and components on a worldwide basis, and our ability to provide our global customers with the products they need, wherever they’re located, gives us a unique advantage within the electronic contract manufacturing industry. We provide Design for Manufacturing (DFM) assistance, as needed, to help our customers refine their designs for optimum performance and ease of manufacture. We are a true one-stop shop for electronic contract manufacturing solutions.

One of El-Com Systems’ specialties is the manufacture of custom electrical cables and cable harnesses. We also produce high-flex cables, using twisted or braided wire strands, that are ideal for tight tolerance installations and are electrical cables that can stand up to the demanding working conditions required in many electronics applications. Our electrical cables may include wires plated in tin, gold, silver, or other specialty materials to improve their performance and extend their working lives. We can also install any terminals or connectors on the electrical cables, as your design requires.

We offer many other manufacturing and secondary services for the electronic contract manufacturing industry. With a dedicated, highly skilled staff and state-of-the-art production equipment, El-Com delivers top quality, economical manufacturing for even the most complex electronics parts, components, and assemblies. We provide unparalleled customer service and 24/7 support, along with complete quality control throughout every stage of the production process. Our facilities are ISO 9001 and RoHS certified.

Request a quote on products and services for your application, or contact El-Com for more information on our electronic contract manufacturing capabilities.