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Defense Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses

Military Cable Assemblies

With a reputation built on performance in providing manufacturing solutions for aerospace and the military, El-Com System Solutions has all the necessary experience and technical capabilities to carry out a wide range of build-to-print and build-to-spec military cable assembly and harness requirements. Experience has made El-Com a leader in the delivery of sophisticated built-to-print harnesses for support of today’s and tomorrow’s advanced systems.


El-Com Systems Build-to-Print Division specializes in the manufacture and testing of mission-critical military cable harnesses requiring high reliability and performance:

  • Cabling for Avionics of Manned and Unmanned Aircraft
  • Harness/cabling conversion kits for aerial munitions
  • Launch Vehicle cables
  • Full Mil-rated and Ruggedized Military
  • Navigation & Communication
  • Ground Support and Test Equipment
  • Telemetry, Command and Control Systems cables
  • Integrated Fire Control & Weapons Delivery cables
  • Naval & Marine cables

The military cable assemblies and systems we manufacture are Mil-Spec and ISO certified to the highest levels of quality.







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