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Circuit Board Assembly

IPC 610

El-Com Systems offers custom printed circuit board assembly solutions to meet your design specifications. We provide high mix and complex printed circuit board assemblies that meet IPC 610 standards. We have certified IPC 610 trainers and perform IPC 610 Class II and III work in our through-hole and SMT (surface-mount technology) assembly lines. Our diverse domestic and offshore manufacturing capabilities allow us to produce top-quality circuit board assemblies at far lower costs than our competitors. Our circuit board assembly and SMT assembly manufacturing lines are manned by a team of highly skilled professionals who are focused on continuous process improvement while maintaining IPC 610 standards.

Circuit Board Assembly Basics

Circuit board assemblies come in two general types: through-hole and surface-mount, commonly referred to as SMT assemblies. In a through-hole assembly, leads for the necessary electronic components are inserted through holes. For an SMT assembly, components are placed on the outer surface of the printed circuit board. Through-hole and SMT assembly construction can also be combined in a single circuit board assembly, depending on the required components.

After the components and their leads are placed, the leads are soldered to the printed circuit board assembly to create electrical and mechanical connections. Soldering can be completed through various means. For large quantities, the soldering process may be automated using specialty equipment such as SMT assembly, while smaller quantities or parts that are very small dimensionally may be soldered by hand by skilled technicians. Extremely small assemblies may require the use of tweezers, fine tip soldering irons, and microscopes.

Following construction, printed circuit board assemblies are tested for proper dimensions and functionality. Multiple tests are usually performed, some with the printed circuit board assembly is powered on, others while it is powered off. Additional temporary connections to the printed  circuit board assembly may be made to facilitate thorough testing. Any printed circuit board assembly that does not pass testing is reworked to repair or replace malfunctioning components. 

El-Com’s Circuit Board Assembly Services

Printed circuit board assembly is performed to meet your exact requirements for fit, form, and function, using strict adherence to IPC 610 workmanship standards. El-Com also offers printed circuit board assembly design and engineering support, as needed, to help you perfect your designs for better, more efficient, and more cost-effective manufacturing.

We provide a range of printed circuit board assembly services, including through-hole and SMT assembly, selective soldering, and more. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment in our circuit board assembly processes, including fully automated SMT assembly lines, AOI (automated optical inspection), and BGA (ball-grid array) x-ray inspection. Full testing is performed to ensure that the completed printed circuit board assemblies operate as intended and conform with IPC 610 standards. These services help us create completed printed circuit board assemblies with the full functionality you need and performance and reliability you can depend on.

Because of our outstanding track record for quality printed circuit board assembly, our products are used in a variety of demanding industries from medical, to telecommunications, to alternative energy.

Request a quote for custom circuit board assembly solutions for your unique application, or contact El-Com Systems for more information.