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Metal Casting

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El-Com Systems provides comprehensive metal casting services. We specialize in aluminum casting, and can create parts of nearly any shape or size with outstanding quality and dimensional accuracy. Our diversified foundries are experts at casting metal parts and aluminum casting, and we regularly produce steel, copper-alloy, and aluminum castings. We can also work with a variety of other materials and alloys as needed. Our capabilities for casting metal include domestic and offshore manufacturing, enabling fast, efficient, and economical production of the custom parts and components you need.

Casting Metal Basics

Casting metal is an ideal process for mass producing parts and components. When casting metal parts, molten metal is forced under high pressure into a die cavity. Advances in casting technology have made the process more and more efficient, and highly accurate, finely detailed parts that require little to no additional processing can be produced with exceptional repeatability.

Casting metal parts, instead of manufacturing them via other methods such as extrusion, allows for nearly unlimited part shapes and sizes. El-Com Systems works with a range of non-ferrous metals and can produce zinc, copper, magnesium, and aluminum castings. Other materials are available to meet customer specifications.

We utilize numerous methods of casting metal parts, including die casting, permanent mold casting, lost wax investment casting, sand casting and others. Each casting method has its own advantages and disadvantages, and is uniquely suited to specific applications. Our variety of capabilities gives us the versatility to provide metal and aluminum casting services customized to each customer’s design requirements.

El-Com’s Metal Casting Services

Our metal casting processes yield quick cycle times, low casting costs, and end products with exceptional mechanical properties, especially on aluminum castings. Part sizes can range from 1 oz. up to 20 lbs. or more, and there are essentially no limits to the part designs we can work with. Our experienced team can produce the tooling needed to turn even the most complex cast metal designs into reality.

El-Com is a complete, turnkey provider of custom aluminum castings. We offer casting, machining, finishing, heat treating, sealing, and assembly of cast metal parts and components to save our customers valuable time and money in their overall production. For prototypes or short runs through high-volume offshore manufacturing, we are a true one-stop shop for casting metal.

Request a quote on casting metal parts to match your design requirements, or contact El-Com Systems to learn more.