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Cable Assemblies & Wire Harnesses

Cable Harnesses

From the simplest cable harnesses to the most complex aerospace assembly designs, El-Com Systems can deliver the ideal components for your unique application. Whether you have only a rough sketch or a detailed CAD file, we will work from your designs, or develop our own, to produce cable assemblies or cable harnesses solutions that match your exact specifications.

El-Com has over 50 years of experience in cable soldering, wire soldering, and producing cable harnesses and assemblies of all types for various industries and applications. Utilizing our extensive expertise and both domestic and offshore manufacturing capabilities, we offer fast, reliable production of custom cable harnesses and cable assemblies at far lower prices than our competitors. We offer JIT and KANBAN programs, as well as complete logistics management services for your ordering, shipping, and stocking requirements. Our cable harnesses technicians are IPC/WHMA-A-620 certified and can produce cable harnesses and cable assemblies to all classes required (classes 1-3).

Cable Assembly & Wire Harness Manufacturing

Despite advances in automated manufacturing, most production of more complex cable harnesses and assemblies is completed by hand operations. Certain steps in the process, such as wire soldering and cutting, can be and often are automated, but other steps are all but impossible for automated machinery to complete, such as routing wires, branching out wires, or connectorizing. El-Com Systems’ manual production of cable harnesses and cable assemblies ensures that each part receives hands-on attention.

Our cable harnesses and cable assemblies are built-to-print or to your specifications. First, we cut wires to the necessary length, then their ends are stripped to expose the metal core. We then fit the wire cores with terminals or connectors, as needed. Our cable assemblies and cable harnesses are assembled into the required form to match the design drawings.  Any necessary wire soldering or shield terminations is performed, followed by the insertion of protective sleeves, conduits, or other accessory components are added and the cable harness or cable assemblies are then ready for packaging.

El-Com’s Harnesses & Assemblies

Using any size, shape, or type of wire your designs require—from round to flat to coax to multi-conductor and everything in between—El-Com Systems can manufacture custom cable assemblies and cable harnesses for power, signal, communication, control/automation, data transfer, or any other application. We also offer engineering and design assistance as needed to help optimize your designs for manufacturability, repeatability, and testing efficiency.

We can produce complete cable assemblies and cable harnesses that include everything from the specific end-terminals and connectors you require to any necessary electromechanical components, such as fans, sensors, or motors. El-Com’s cable harnesses and cable assemblies can include complete cable soldering and wire soldering for secure connections, using our certified J-STD-001 wire soldering technicians, or other commercial standards required. We can perform wire soldering on circuit board connections and cable soldering on complex cable harnesses.

Our cable harnesses can be manufactured with epoxy potting or coatings, over-molding, heat-dissipating materials, water-tight seals, ESD coatings, or other special requirements your designs may dictate.

Request a quote for the custom cable harnesses or wire soldering you need, or contact El-Com Systems to learn more.